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Sep 26, 2022

We know military life can sometimes be really hard and feel very serious. 

And that’s why this week, I’m challenging you to add more humor into your military life & marriage - because it really can do wonders. (Like how today’s guest literally got me through my postpartum experience with her hilarious reels!)


In today’s episode, I invite stand-up comedian and fellow military spouse, Ashley Gutermuth, to share her bright light and refreshing insights with our community as we discuss bringing humor to military life - and using it to strengthen our marriages. 

We’re exploring: 

  • Military 101: JAG, why you should start here for any legal expertise you need
  • Ashley’s life as a military spouse and how it impacts her work as a stand-up comedian
  • How her hilarious reels helped me through my challenging postpartum
  • Being chosen to win a contest by Jimmy Fallon & Jerry Seinfeld - and what opened up for Ashley because of it!
  • How humor plays a role in her marriage (and why you should try it in yours)
  • And more


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***Needs to be rewritten but here are her links**** @ashgutermuth on TikTok, twitter, instagram, and Ashley Gutermuth on Facebook