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May 29, 2023

Krista got the call. The one every single one of us dreads, the absolute worst-case scenario. Join us inside this courageous conversation where she shares her unimaginable tragedy and how she created something so beautiful from it. Together, we discuss the resources available to you in these situations, how to normalize moving through feelings of healing while reminding you to have the difficult planning conversations now so you can both be prepared for anything.


We’re exploring:

  • How to give yourself grace when you feel the need to be strong all the time

  • The ways the military community kept showing up for Krista when her direct connection to the military was gone

  • Foundations and organizations every military spouse should be aware of for support on this journey

  • Top questions to ask your spouse, so you both can have an extreme understanding should something happen to either one of you

  • Resources to reach out to if you’re experiencing financial hardship 

  • How to thrive in our role as a military spouse for ultimate preparation

  • And so much more!


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