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Dec 6, 2021

What qualities do you value in a good friend? After talking with last week’s guest, Suzie Humphrey, about cultivating milspo friendships, I felt inspired to dive deeper into what it takes to create quality friendships (especially in this Married to Military life!). In this episode, I'm digging into why making friends as an adult can feel downright difficult, as well as my TOP TIPS to establish friendships that make a difference for you—because YOU are worthy of fulfilling & quality relationships in your life!


I’m exploring:

  • Married to Military 101: Leave blocks
  • What the research says about friendships (and the significant ways having quality friendships can benefit you!)
  • The pros and cons of technology and online friendships
  • How to get REALLY clear about what you’re looking for in a friend (and why you should know this BEFORE you start meeting people)
  • Overcoming some of the common obstacles that pop up when making friends—and how to get on the path to friendship opportunities
  • Why this ONE thing can make all the difference in your new (or old!) friendships
  • Everything you need to know about my upcoming Marriage Communication 101 Masterclass
  • And much more!

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