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Apr 3, 2023

Wondering how to make deployments smoother? It's natural to reflect on previous deployments and wonder what you could have done better, what you could have done differently, and what strategies you can implement to make the next deployment smoother. And if you've been through it before, you know deplyment is a challenging experience. 


Today, we are diving into the five hardest parts of deployment. My aim is that this episode will validate your experience of deployment and help you prioritize where to focus your energy and attention during your next deployment to make it the best it can be. Whether you're a seasoned deployment veteran or a first-timer, these insights will help you improve your deployment experience, and support you in feeling more confident in yourself and in your relationship with your spouse.


We’re exploring:

  • How loneliness impacts our life and relationships

  • What to do when the stress and pressure of deployment feel like too much

  • Frustrations, barriers, and challenges of communication during deployment

  • The painful gap between our expectations and our reality of deployment

  • How to move through not feeling like you are a cohesive team

  • What to prioritize to have the biggest impact on creating a more positive deployment experience


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