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Apr 10, 2023

Make the ask. That’s just one piece of advice from Dr. Sharita, who is with Mission:Milspouse, an organization that empowers military spouses with resources, supporting them to conquer adversity, foster confidence, and thrive in this military life. 


Making the ask means having the courage to reach out and ask for what you need. That’s how you can improve military spouse life, and we want to encourage you to do just that. We talk about this and so much more in this episode.


We’re exploring:

  • What lessons Dr. Sharita has learned in her 12 years of being married to military

  • The importance of finding your tribe in new places (and advice if you don’t feel in alignment with the new people you meet)

  • The difficulties of sharing our struggles as military spouses

  • What Mission:Milspouse is and how it can benefit us

  • How to find the resources you need when you’re not sure where to look

  • What will help make military life easier for us all


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