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Apr 17, 2023

Have you ever thought about getting support in your marriage, but thought, “our relationship isn’t THAT bad?”. Yet nothing changed, and if anything, it’s now worse? 


It’s normal to have anxiety and worry about what will happen in your marriage if you do decide to ask for help, but we were never taught how to figure out relationships all on our own. And it doesn’t have to mean anything that you are trying to improve your relationship.


Instead of wondering if your relationship is going to make it, listen to this episode to hear my answers on when to move forward with the divorce process, and when your marriage can be repaired (this often surprises people!).


We’re also exploring:

  • What makes getting support in your marriage so difficult

  • The scenarios when I recommend (and don’t recommend) divorce with my clients

  • My take on issues like infidelity, addiction, physical or emotional abuse, and more

  • What happens if neither of you are willing to have tough conversations together

  • Encouragement to get support and make small shifts toward a healthier marriage

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