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Apr 24, 2023

I love research y’all. I stumbled across an 85 year Harvard study recently that blew my mind. It sent me into deep-dive research mode, and I came out of that wanting to share what I learned with you in this episode: what will make you happy, healthy, and live longer.


This episode validates what I have personally learned and experienced as a Military Psychologist and Marriage Coach. I only want to share things with you that are backed by research and apply to ALL of us, not only a handful of my clients. This is something we need to be prioritizing and talking about more with those around us. So, listen in to learn what makes the biggest difference in our happiness above anything else, so you can start implementing this in your life today.


We’re exploring:

  • The #1 thing that contributes to us living happier, healthier, and longer

  • What does NOT make us happier (that most of us think will)

  • How our mood and experience of physical and emotional pain are impacted by relationships

  • Harmful thinking that prevents couples from getting what they want

  • What we need to be prioritizing over everything else for the biggest positive change in our lives

  • Why this is crucial for military couples specifically


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