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May 23, 2022

Has there been an incident of mistrust recently? Infidelity? Or maybe something from your previous relationship is creeping back in. Whether you are the jealous one or your spouse is, I’m going to tackle both angles inside this episode. I want to make sure you have the tools to work through to the core issue, so it doesn't negatively impact your marriage. While jealousy is normal, I’ll show you how to handle it in a healthy way that will be beneficial to BOTH parties in the long run, while sharing my journey AND giving you my tried and true tips to work through this.


I’m exploring:

  • Military 101: EFMP: A program that provides comprehensive support to family members with special needs
  • -Why jealousy in and of itself is an important emotion that serves a purpose
  • -EXACTLY how I overcame infidelity and jealousy in my relationships
  • -4 steps to navigate jealousy in your marriage
  • -TOP questions to ask yourself or your spouse to get to the CORE issue
  • -Alternative ways to let out the negative energy without ruining a special moment
  • -And SO much more!


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