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Sep 19, 2022

I have a highly requested episode for you this week, Married to Military family!


Today, I’m bringing on a guest who literally made me Married to Military - active duty U.S. Navy pilot and my husband, Sean Cavanagh. We’re diving into all the tough topics as Sean answers questions submitted by you - my incredible audience! We discuss prepping for deployment and long separations, reintegrating into the family after time away, what it’s like being married to a psychologist and coach (I was really interested to hear this one!), and so much more. Wondering how Sean feels about airing our “dirty laundry” on the podcast? Join us for this one. 

We’re exploring:

  • Military 101: QLE (I’ve had 5 of them in the last 12 months!)
  • Sean’s military journey in the U.S. Navy 
  • One of the BIGGEST changes we’ve had to make in our marriage because of the military
  • How military members can better support their civilian spouses in acclimating to the military lifestyle
  • Some of our favorite tips around communication when your spouse is away (for the good stuff & for when you’re struggling!)
  • The MOST challenging part of coming home (from deployment and TDY’s)
  • And so much more

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